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Chain necklace with colorful suspended gemstones

Chain necklace with colorful suspended gemstones

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We love this boldly colored chain necklace with colorful suspended gemstones. The color options ensure its easy to mix and match with other accessories and compliment many outfit combinations.

These handmade colorfully designed necklaces come from one of our newest jewelry designers with amazing creativity and talent. We are delighted share his work with you. As he is a solo designer he only makes one or a few of any one design so these pieces are unique.

These necklaces can easily go with many of our other pieces, specifically these colorful orb link bracelets as the design is most similar.

Details: Chain necklace with colorful suspended gemstones with lobster clasp

Size: Length of necklace ~ 20" (~50.8 cm) 

Material: Brass, multi colored version - various gemstones including tiger eye, agate (chalcedony), calcite, phosphosiderite, carnelian, nephrite jade, black onyx, for the green forward necklace, the gemstones include nephrite jade and agate. 

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