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Colorful floral pattern ring

Colorful floral pattern ring

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Colorful floral pattern ring that creates an impact with the colorful stones that make up the design. Each ring contains a larger stone at the center with multiple smaller stones woven around to frame it for a floral affect. Each ring is one-of-a-kind and contains a unique combination of stones. The artist made an assortment, and ensured no two are the same. We identified each option first with the color in the middle, then the outside, followed by the stones and the ring size.

One of the original artists we discovered created these beautiful statement rings. He is from a family of talented artists. While we love his talent and the beautiful, creative piece he makes its his beaming smile and obvious joy in what he does that we remember. 

Details: Colorful floral pattern ring consisting of a variety of gemstones woven to resemble a flower.

Size: For ring size refer to options. Each ring has an open cuff back.

Material: brass with gemstones (elbaite, agate, labradorite, quartz or tanzanite) Each option identifies stones 

CARE - avoid contact with lotion and body products that may discolor the materials. Also avoid jewelry cleaners containing ammonia 

Curious about these beautiful gemstones? Here's some articles to answer your questions including how best to care for your gemstone jewelry.

  • This link offers more information on this special stone, agate.
  • This lovely stone, labradorite, is gray, no blue it changes colors seemingly at will, it is an intoxicating stone.

    This article provides a bit of information about this wonderfully colorful stone, elbaite, of the tourmaline family.


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