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Colorful orb link bracelet

Colorful orb link bracelet

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This handcrafted colorful orb link bracelet has a unique design that alternates with two sizes of dyed agate with the larger stones semi-enclosed in a woven pattern.  This organic-style bracelet will bring an eye-catching flair to any outfit.

Add some bold color to your jewelry collection with this stunning, unique accessory. Its a wonderful piece to mix and match with your favorite bracelets to create a personalized look. 

These bracelets can easily go with many of our necklaces, specifically these chain necklaces with colorful suspended gemstones as the design is most similar.

Details: Colorful orb link bracelet with beads and added along the length of the bracelet. The bracelet has a lobster clasp closure.

Size: Length of bracelet ~ 6" (15 cm) - with an additional 1" of chain to customize fit

Material: Brass with various gemstones depending on color option. Mixed (agate, quartz, larimar) and Green (malachite, green chalcedony)

Given the artist only made one of each color combination, this special bracelet is a piece for the individualist, someone who relishes unique jewelry.

Note: color variations exist with all stones.

This link offers more information on this special stone, agate.

For more information on larimar, check out this post.

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