FAQ and other information - Sundara Joon (Jewelry and Gifts)


Why are there so few pieces of the same product?

We buy from small artists who make either single pieces or just a few pieces from the same design. In many cases, we have only one of two of any given product. The same holds true for those products that have multiple styles and colors options. Our jewelry is for the individualist, the woman that wants the confidence to know the piece she gets is unique.


What does "Dexterity Appeal" mean?

Jewelry has "dexterity appeal" when it is easier to put on and take off. Bracelets with magnetic clasps, for example, fall into this category as do necklaces without an fastenings. 


What is horn jewelry?

We procure jewelry made from ethically-sourced buffalo horns that were discarded from either the food industry or dead stock in Thailand and Vietnam. Buffalo horns have long been used in Southeast Asia to make utensils and even cups to ensure nothing was wasted with a strong sustainable mindset. Today, given its exquisite patterns and color, horn is up-cycled into jewelry and accessories. That variation makes each piece unique and special. We wrote a blog post with some more details

Why is the piece of jewelry I received lighter or darker than what I saw pictured?

Many of the items on Sundara Joon are from organic material which means part of their beauty is that no two are identical. Also, there might be variances in the surface or texture that exist for the same reason - nature adds these nuances and that's part of what makes something special. 

Why did I get two pairs of earring backings?

Some of the earrings we acquired had no or minimal backings. We included additional backings when we thought it would improve the product. 

How do I keep my metal jewelry gleaming?

We like our pieces to shimmer. Some of our pieces are made from metals such as brass or silver which tarnish over time. In some cases, we've included a polish cloth with the pieces we ship. When we were visiting one of our jewelry makers, we found him busy polishing his products with lemon juice and they gleamed. 

Why is my shipping address not accepted?

Your cache may be full, and it is recommended you either clear the cache or use a private browser such as Incognito with Chrome.

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I'm an artisan or craftsperson and would like to be considered for your site, what should I do?

We'd love to hear from you. Please contact dcs@sundarajoon.com with an email and "potential artist partner" in the subject line and a bit more information about you such as what sort of work you do, where you are located, and if you have pictures or a link so we can see if we are the right fit. Thank you for considering working with us; we are honored. 


What sort of business are you?

We are a woman owned, private business.