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Colorful beaded moth pendant necklace

Colorful beaded moth pendant necklace

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We love the unique and unexpected and this striking, colorful beaded moth pendant necklace delivers. Handcrafted, we have two options, one with amethyst and the other with rose quartz and they are striking and one-of-a-kind. The wings are of brass and the body is of a larger stone either amethyst or quartz, a smaller pair of wings over the larger brass wings are lined with pearls. At the head of the moth is a cluster of small gemstones that transition to the chain portion of the necklace.

One of the original artists we discovered created these wonderfully creative pendant necklaces. He is from a family of talented artists. While we love his talent and the beautiful, creative piece he makes its his beaming smile and obvious joy in what he does that we remember. 

Details: Colorful beaded moth pendant necklace with either amethyst or pink quartz and beads woven into a stunning moth pendant suspended on a matinee length chain.

Size: Length of necklace ~ 12" (30.5 cm), length of pendant (wing tip to wing tip): ~ 5" (12.7 cm). The necklace comes with the option to extend the length by an additional 3" (7 cm).

Material: Rose quartz or amethyst with pearl and brass

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