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Organic designed nested ring

Organic designed nested ring

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A modern, organic designed nested ring. Each ring contains a pearl or shell nestled in the middle of a swirl of brass filaments for a thoroughly unique look. Each ring is one-of-a-kind in no small part thanks to the organic elements they contain. The artist made a handful, and each is truly unique.  

One of the original artists we discovered created these beautiful statement rings. He is from a family of talented artists. While we love his talent and the beautiful, creative pieces he makes, its his beaming smile and obvious joy in what he does that we remember. 

Details: Organic designed nested ring with an open back.

Size: All rings are a US size 6 (16.5 mm). Each ring has an open back that allows for some personalization.

Material: brass with white or black pearl, pāua shell or abalone shell

If you are not familiar with pāua shells are also known as abalone shells in the United States and Australia. The Māori name for these shells is Pāua shell which are iridescent and change color depending on the angle from which they are viewed, ranging from greens and pinks to purples and blues, and even gold or crimson. This feature ensures they are highly sought as they are used in traditional and modern Māori art. Pāua shells are thought to bring connectivity and harmony to relationships.  

CARE - avoid contact with lotion and body products that may discolor the materials. Also avoid jewelry cleaners containing ammonia 

Please note that in the rare case that we have more than one of a particular style in the case of the Pāua shell there may be differences between what is pictured. That's part of what makes handcrafted jewelry so special especially when it involves organic materials such as shells and pearls.

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