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Beaded gemstone spring inspired choker necklace

Beaded gemstone spring inspired choker necklace

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Handcrafted beaded gemstone spring inspired choker necklace. We love the way this statement necklace elevates any outfit. It is truly something special with its elaborate detailed, beaded work. We can't help but think of spring with the whimsical clusters of flowers at the front of the necklace with beaded details in pastel colored stones that create a striking look. 

The artist made two, which we have here, each has a flower in the middle, one has more blue tones while the other has a lighter blue focus with more pale pink accents. We think they would be lovely for special occasions such as Easter, weddings or other special events.

These handcrafted necklaces come from some of the first designers we were fortunate to work with and we continue to be amazed at their talent. The artist is part of a packaged deal that includes his sister and mom. They make our visits a joy. 

Details: Beaded gemstone spring inspired choker necklace with an open back.  

Size: Diameter of necklace ~ 5" (12.7 cm) without any adjustment.  

Material: Brass, gemstone:  Blue and Pink option contains, amethyst, quartz, and aquamarine while the Shades of Blue option includes aquamarine and quartz

For more about about carnelian, a beautiful gemstone with so much meaning and history, check out this short article.


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