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Mosaic design gemstone beaded statement bracelet

Mosaic design gemstone beaded statement bracelet

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This unique handcrafted piece features multiple gemstones including jade, amber, and mookaite jasper beads intermixed with crystal beads to add color and sparkle with beautiful results.

This special piece is from a husband and wife team that take jade and other gemstones along with different materials such as beads and wood to present them in beautiful, novel ways. 

Some accessories that would pair well with this bracelet include: loop de loop jade choker necklace, choker with cascading strands, brass and gemstone stud earrings, swirl drop earrings, or the horn chainlink necklace

Details: Earth tone gemstone beaded statement bracelet with crystal button clasp.

Size: Length of bracelet: ~ 7.5 (19 cm); width at widest point of bracelet: ~ 1.5" (4 cm)

Material: Jade, amber, mookaite jasper, crystal and seed beads 

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