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Organic scala gemstone drop statement earrings

Organic scala gemstone drop statement earrings

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For some reason a ladder (scala in Italian) came to mind when we spotted these beauties. Brass statement earrings supporting colored beads for a special touch. The brass frame in a simple inverted "U" shape with gemstones suspended in between each side. The gemstone closest to the ear is a polished round sphere framed in a brass cup, while the one at the bottom is larger and less polished.

We love the thoughtful consideration of each component that went into making them. We were only able to get one in each color. 

These earrings are from a family of artisans we discovered and fell in love with their tremendous talents and creative use of materials, not to mention their beaming smiles. 

NOTE: Because of the stones that make up these earrings, if you have sensitivity to heavy earrings, these beauties may not be for you.

Details:  Organic scala gemstone drop statement earrings with hook fastenings for pierced ears.

Size: Length of drop: ~ 3.5" (8 cm), width: ~ 1" (2.5 cm)

Material: Brass, stone (quartz, lapis lazuli, tiger eye, calcite, amethyst) depending on option selected

If you want more information on amethyst, this lovely purple gemstone, check out this post.

If you would like to learn more about beautiful lapis lazuli, please check out this article

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