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Newton's cradle modern metal drop earrings

Newton's cradle modern metal drop earrings

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We couldn't help but think of the Newton's cradle that we'd seen on so many desks when we saw these creative earrings.

Two silver metal balls are suspended from a chain and appear to balance each other. The ball (on the longer chain) is removable so you can put on the earring and then reattach the end. The modern look ensures a double take and the silver finish guarantees plenty of options.

Some accessory options to consider: shimmering interlocking necklace, adjustable beaded necklace with tassel, and the modern take on wood necklace

Details: Newton's cradle modern metal drop earrings with a hook back suitable for pierced ears.

Size: Length of drop: ~ 2.75" (7 cm), width of ball: ~0.4" (1 cm) 

Material: Silver plated brass metal

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