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Adjustable beaded statement necklace with fabric tassel

Adjustable beaded statement necklace with fabric tassel

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Adjustable clear beaded necklace that has a pendant design with a tan tassel hanging from a ring for added interest. It is the perfect necklace to add interest to a t-shirt or sweater, and just wonderfully versatile.

Some accessory options  to consider:  interlocking bangles, statement cuff bracelet, darting back earrings, playful ring made with mother of pearl, or the simple and striking pearl bracelet

Details: Adjustable beaded necklace with tassel. Necklace is matinee lentgh.

Size: Length of beaded portion: ~ 12" (30.5 cm), length of necklace fully extended: ~ 16" (40.6 cm);  length of tassel: ~4" (10 cm)

Material: Beads, silver plated brass, fabric tassel 

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