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Beaded amber and jade choker length necklace

Beaded amber and jade choker length necklace

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Made predominately of amber and jade with seed beads added for good measure. The beads play second fiddle as they are meant to showcase the amber and jade and the many colors they provide. Wooden beads are used towards the back of the necklace highlighting the natural focus.

This organic inspired necklace from a husband and wife team that take gemstones and showcase them in beautiful, novel ways. For example, they outline the stones with contrasting seed beads and crystals to further highlight the beauty of the stone. This necklace is handmade, and we procured the only one they had. 

Details: Beaded amber and jade choker length necklace with a button clasp.

Size: Length of strand  ~ 19" (48.3 cm)

Material: Jade, amber, wooden and seed beads 

Interested in learning more about jade? Checkout this post for more information on this fascinating gemstone. For more information on amber, please check out this article.

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