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Labradorite dangling drop statement earrings

Labradorite dangling drop statement earrings

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Dangling drop earrings featuring either two circles or tear shapes and the smaller near the ear. Anything but boring, the design shows off the beauty of the labradorite gemstone.

We have two varieties, one where a smaller labradorite stone closer to the ear with a larger one suspended from it and the second has an inverted tear shape at the ear from which a larger tear shaped labradorite stone is suspended with a faceted surface. 

Details: Labradorite drop earrings with post fastenings for pierced ears.

Size: Length of drop: ~ 2" (5 cm), widest part: ~ 1" (2.5 cm)

Material: Labradorite, brassIntrigued about labradorite, check out this quick read that offers a bit of history, what makes the stone special and how to care for your labradorite.


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