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Jade multi-tone beaded bracelet with malachite - Sundara Joon

Jade multi-tone beaded bracelet with malachite - Sundara Joon

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A special beaded bracelet with multi-colored beads of jadeite (green jade) and malachite in an art deco pattern. The green gemstone (malachite) has two rows of green jade (jadeite) towards the front of the bracelet for visual interest. The beads are all surrounded by golden colored seed beads which highlights the beautiful green tones of the gemstones to stunning effect.

This special piece is from a husband and wife team that take gemstones such as jade and present them in beautiful novel ways. We love the thoughtful approach of to the multicolored gemstones highlighting their natural beauty. This beaded bracelet is handmade, and we procured the only one they had in this design. 

We think the bracelet is lovely with these drop jade earrings

Details: Jade multi-tone beaded bracelet with malachite complete a button clasp made from cystal.

Size: Length of bracelet: ~ 7.5 (19 cm); width at widest point of bracelet: ~ 2.75" (7 cm)

Material: Jadeite and malachite, seed and crystal beads 

Interested in learning more about jade? Checkout this post for more information on this fascinating gemstone.

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