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Green jade collar necklace

Green jade collar necklace

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At some drama at your neckline with this beautiful green jade collar necklace. These special necklaces (of which there are only two) are from a husband and wife team that take gemstones such as jade and present them in beautiful, innovative ways. The designing duo brings their international perspective to their novel designs; he hails from France and she is from Vietnam. These statement necklaces are handmade, and we procured the only two they had. 

Jade, jadeite, and ruby in zoisite of varying beads are woven together in a symmetrical pattern and contrasting seed beads are incorporated into the design to create a collar like necklace. At the back of the necklace is a black satin ribbon that allows for a customized fit from choker length to something a bit longer for a special and unique look.

Ruby Zoisite, also known as Anyolite, is a combination of ruby and zoisite. It is a very attractive gemstone and certainly compliments the jade and jadite in this necklace.

Details: Green jade collar necklace with a fabric ribbon that allows for a personalized fit from choker length to princess length.

Size: Length of ribbon: ~ 14 (35.6 cm); width at widest point inside collar: ~ 2.75" (7 cm); length of widest portion of collar: ~ 2" (5 cm)

Material: Jade, jadeite, ruby in zoisite, and seed beads 

Interested in learning more about jade? Checkout this post for more information on this fascinating gemstone.

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