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Colorful multi-colored gemstone cuff bracelet

Colorful multi-colored gemstone cuff bracelet

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This colorful multi-colored gemstone cuff bracelet will add a splash of color to any look. Handcrafted by a talented jewelry designer, this bracelet features an open weave, vine-like pattern of lapis lazuli, amethyst, green chalcedony, agate, and amber gemstones. Wear this beautiful piece and add a luxurious, fashionable touch to any outfit.

Details: Colorful multi-colored gemstone cuff bracelet that is easy to slide on and off and allows for a personalized fit.

Size: Inside diameter of the cuff bracelet 2" (5.1 cm); Height at widest point: 1" (2.5 cm) 

Material: Multiple gemstones (including amethyst, green chalcedony, lapis lazuli elbaite, agate) and brass. Note: this list is all possible gemstones, each bracelet is unique and may contain the various types of gemstones in different amounts.


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