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Woven statement ring with zig zag pattern

Woven statement ring with zig zag pattern

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Be unique with this handwoven statement ring made of brass. Featuring a zig zag pattern and an open back, this is sure to become a conversation-starter. Stand out with this one-of-a-kind piece.

Designed and made by a talented artist who works with his family in Northern Thailand. He has a magic touch when it comes to turning gemstones and metal into beautiful, wearable pieces.

Take this ring, its very unique, but at the same time you feel it will go with about anything. It works great on its own, yet can be easily mixed with other pieces.

One feature we appreciate about this ring is the open back, it allows for the size to adjust with your finger, which can change.  

Details: Woven metal statement ring with a zig zag pattern complete with an open back 

Size: Size 10 (US) - 19.8 mm

Material: brass

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