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Waterfall beaded necklace

Waterfall beaded necklace

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We love color and this necklace has options in spades. We found a few of these beautiful necklaces from a jewelry maker in Manila. They called them waterfall necklaces, or as my sister-in-law who was with me also called them cascade necklaces which seems equally appropriate. Whatever the name, these stunning statement necklaces pack a colorful punch. 

The strands, are tightly woven into a single later for the top half of the necklace and then they separate into their individual strands towards the bottom. 

We confess to sometimes being a bit lazy, and we love the idea of having a plain top and simply throwing on this necklace, et voila! With the wide range of colors in the necklace the options for pairing seem endless. This necklace is just fun to wear, we promise it attracts attention.

The matinee fit also means it is easy to put on and take off.

We were able to get two different versions, one has more of the primary colors incorporated in it, and the second option has beads consisting of more teals and purples as the dominant colors of the color combination.

Details: Colorful multi-strand waterfall beaded necklace. It is a singe loop with no clasp.

Size: Length of necklace: ~ 17" (43 cm), widest portion of single section: ~ 2.5" (6 cm)

Material: beads

CARE - Avoid contact with location and skincare products to avoid discoloration.

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