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Silver dragon rings

Silver dragon rings

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In Asian culture dragons are considered bearers of good luck. Lucky for us, we have not one, but two one-of-a-kind silver dragon rings, first, this silver double dragon ring, and the second is the coiled dragon. Each is perfect for the person that wants something truly special and unique. Handmade by one of our newest artists these statement rings are sure to be conversation-starters. Stand out with this one-of-a-kind piece.

1. This silver ring features two Thai dragon heads at the top with red gemstones for the glowing eyes. The design extends around the ring such that the band has scales. The artist only made one of these special pieces.

2. This serpentine inspired ring features a dragon coiled around the finger from head to tail with the detailed scales extending around the band.

We really appreciate the attention to detail and craftsmanship of these rings. 

This designer comes from another family business, his father, and his father before him were all jewelry makers. He wants his daughter to take over his work, who from what I've seen is equally talented, and we hope to share some of her pieces.

Details: Silver dragon rings made of sterling silver with red gemstone eyes* in a bezel setting.

Size: Double dragon: size 8 (US) - 18.1 mm, Coiled dragon: size 8 (US) - 18.1 mm

Material: Sterling silver with red gemstones for eyes (*the designer claimed that the stone was ruby from his mother's business. We believe him (but as we did not to have the stone certified given it is not core to the design and not wanting to pass on that cost we cannot say with confidence).

Interested in learning more about this beautiful metal? This post has a bit of the history on this metal along with tips on keeping it shining and how to tell if it is the real deal. Hint, sterling silver is definitely the real deal.


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