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Sherbert colored beaded bracelet

Sherbert colored beaded bracelet

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This sherbert colored beaded bracelet is a simple design to highlight the wonderful pastel colors with pinks, blues and yellow beads at the front of the bracelet before transitioning to white beads towards both ends. Brass accents add interest and contrast to the mix and create a sophisticated look. The bracelet as a hook clasp and a short brass chain that can be used to personalize the fit. If you like pastels and jewelry that inspires thoughts of spring, this is the bracelet.  

A talented brother and sister jewelry making duo hand crafted these bracelets. They only had a handful and we took what was offered. The bracelet is wonderful on its own and equally delightful mixed with other favorite pieces.

Details: Sherbert colored beaded bracelet has a hook clasp and the accompanying chain allows for a personalized fit

Size: Length: ~ 6" (15.2 cm) with a 1.5" chain (3.8 cm) length of chain to personalize length

Material: Various gemstones including agate, quartz, morganite, rhodochrosite and brass

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