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Trio of amethyst gemstones in woven cuff bracelet

Trio of amethyst gemstones in woven cuff bracelet

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This beautiful bracelet showcases the beauty of amethyst. Three amethyst stones are woven into the pattern, in a tribal style, along the top of the cuff bracelet. This cuff bracelet looks beautiful on its own and pairs easily with other favorite pieces. 

This special piece is from a talented designer that can take simple materials and turn them into stunning pieces. The bracelet is handcrafted. The design allows for some flexibility for a personalized fit. Given its design it is easily to slide on and off making it an option for those that might have some dexterity challenges.

NOTE: Amethyst is a gemstone best not worn the the beach. It does not do well to long exposure to the sun, loosing its brilliance as its color fades.  

Details: Trio of amethyst gemstones in woven cuff bracelet offering some flexibility for adjustment.

Size: Inside diameter: ~ 2.5 (7 cm); width at widest point of bracelet: ~ .5" (1.3 cm)

Material: Brass, amethyst 

If you want more information on amethyst, this lovely purple gemstone, check out this post.

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