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Richly colored beaded bracelet

Richly colored beaded bracelet

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This richly colored beaded bracelet is a simple design that showcases of the complementary stones it contains. We like the thoughtful addition of a small animal charm either an elephant, fish, fawn or owl. The bracelet as a hook clasp making it easy to wear. If you like rich colors from luscious mat black, moving from red to deep orange and a range of blues - this richly colored beaded bracelet is wonderful on its own, or perfect to layer with your favorite pieces.  

A talented brother and sister jewelry making duo hand crafted these bracelets. They only had a handful and we took what was offered. The richly colored beaded bracelet is wonderful on its own and equally delightful mixed with your other favorite pieces.

Details: Richly colored beaded bracelet with brass accents and a hook clasp and a small critter friend charm suspended at one end.

Size: Length: ~ 6" (15.2 cm) 

Material: Various gemstones including carnelian, agate, quartz, cat's eye and brass

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