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Rhodochrosite beaded collar statement necklace

Rhodochrosite beaded collar statement necklace

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This handmade rhodochrosite beaded collar necklace is crafted with this amazing, special rose colored gemstone. Enjoy the natural beauty of this special gemstone and show off your style with this exclusive necklace. It is one-of-a-kind so a perfect piece for the woman who prizes being an individualist.

Handwoven of rhodochrosite beads, the necklace pattern extends to the closure at the back. With all the beads, the necklace has a bit of heft as if to remind you that are wearing something special.

The artists only made one, so this is a truly unique piece.

Details: Rhodochrosite beaded collar statement necklace with hook fastening at a collar / choker length

Size: Inside length ~ 17" (43 cm)

Material: Rhodochrosite

Please note,  rhodochrosite is considered a soft stone, so it needs to be handled with care. Clean with soapy water and a soft cloth.

Rhodochrosite is officially listed as one of Argentina's national symbols and is also Colorado's state mineral. It is a mineral made of manganese carbonate and famed for its reddish-pink hues. It is known by a few other names including Rosa del Inca, Dialogite, Inca Rose, Diallogite, Carbonate of Manganese, Managense Spar, Raspberry Spar, Strömite, Vilaurite, and Rothspatch.

The stone is thought to represent self-love and deeper love in relationships. It can help in emotional healing and is thought to bring happiness to the wearer.

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