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Purple and white flower batik pin

Purple and white flower batik pin

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We found a wonderfully talented textile artist creating beautiful and unique pieces using native Malaysian batik. In this case, purple and white flower batik pin. The flowers vary depending on the size with the largest being a bit in profile and mostly white with rich luscious purple for accent. The medium sized option looks like a mostly closed flower that is just opening with a bit of green leaves to one side. The smallest flower is fully open and front facing with a striking orange center. All the designs have gold strokes added for accent.   

This bright purple and white flower batik pin is hand crafted and adds some welcome color and design to any outfit from a plain t-shirt to a fabric bag. The artist only make a few and we took one of each of these designs so they are something unique and special.

Details: Purple and white flower batik pin made of cotton fabric with a colorful printed pattern typical of Malaysian batik. The fabric is stiffened and attached to a pin backing to make the pin.

Size: Diameter of flower pin: ~ 1.5" (3.8 cm)

Material: Cotton fabric

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