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Colorful modern gemstone stud earrings

Colorful modern gemstone stud earrings

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You demand options and these beautiful earrings deliver. Each earring is made of two parts, a disk and the sphere attached to the post. The disks come off so you can wear the sphere on its own, on one ear only, just mix it up depending on what you feel like. 

Hand crafted by an artisan with an eye for modern, simple lines that highlight the beautiful of the materials he works with. These are special pieces.

These lightweight earrings are perfect for individuals sensitive to heavy earrings.

Details: Colorful modern gemstone stud earrings with post fastenings for pierced ears.

Size: Length of disk: ~ 1.5" (4 cm), diameter of sphere: ~ 0.4" (1 cm)

Material: BW: hematite, white agate, black chalcedony (also known as black onyx) and rose quartz. GRB: green chalcedony, dyed agate and carnelian

This link offers more information on this special stone, agate.

For more about about carnelian, a beautiful gemstone with so much meaning and history, check out this short article. As carnelian is a specific type of chalcedony, you may be interested in learning more with this article.

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