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Ornate shield pendant necklace

Ornate shield pendant necklace

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This striking ornate shield pendant necklace reminds us of a shield, a tool and now more of a symbol of protection. It has a unique design, with a rich, deep red carnelian stone at the top and a faceted crystal in the middle of the cut out shape in a smokey gray color. 

The shield shape is essentially a diamond pendant suspended from the necklace chain with a series of swirls that give it an overall shield shape. A single, red carnelian stone is placed at the top and just below is an oblong crystal bead in a grey that contrasts with the carnelian. 

This handmade ornate shield pendant necklace come from one of our newest jewelry designers who has amazing creativity and talent. We are delighted to share his work with you.

Details: Ornate shield pendant necklace on a continuous matinee length necklace chain.

Size: Length of necklace ~ 14.5" (37 cm), length of pendant: ~ 3" (7.6 cm)

Material: Carnelian, crystal, brass

For more about about carnelian, a beautiful gemstone with so much meaning and history, check out this short article. As carnelian is a specific type of chalcedony, you may be interested in learning more with this article.

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