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Organic gemstone pendant on chain necklace

Organic gemstone pendant on chain necklace

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This sophisticated pendant necklace features a brass chain and a gorgeous swirl organic tear drop design. The beautiful, faceted pale pink agate (chalcedony) or verigated grey (magnesite) gemstone is the centerpiece of the pendant. The pink agate pendant itself has copper entwined with the brass for contrast and visual interest. The magnesite pendant is exclusively brass. Each pendent is suspended from a chain adding a touch of elegance to any outfit.

These handmade whimsical pendant necklaces come from one of our newest jewelry designers that has amazing creativity and talent. We are delighted to have the opportunity to share his work with you.

This is a longer necklace making it easy to slip on and take off.

Details: Organic, tear drop designed pendant necklace with pale pink gemstone center suspended on a chain

Size: Length of necklace ~ 14.5" (37 cm), length of pendant: ~ 2" (5.4 cm)

Material: Brass and copper, pink agate (chalcedony) or magnesite

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