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Organic designed red coral ring

Organic designed red coral ring

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The ring is made predominately of red coral beads in varying colors in an organic design. The designers only made two options, and both are here. One of the organic designed red coral ring has a bit more sparkle with crystal beads while the other ring has a playful side with the wood beads that balance the coral. We appreciate the attention to detail, note the crystal band. The back is as beautiful as the front.

This organic designed ring from a super creative husband and wife team that take gemstones and present them in beautiful novel ways. They're handcrafted and each one is distinctive. We love the added detail with the beaded band. They are truly talented and designed obsessed artists, while we have two rings with a common pattern, the similarity ends there with the different materials. They only made two, and we are fortunate to be able to share them with you.

Details: Organic designed beaded ring, the part around the finger is beaded for added detail in a unique touch.

Size: Identified by option

Material: Red coral, milky quartz (white beads), crystal and seed beads (wood beads on salmon colored ring) 

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