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Modern take on mother-of-pearl choker necklace

Modern take on mother-of-pearl choker necklace

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This woman's choker necklace is a showstopper as far as we're concerned. It just works on a variety of necklines, from boatneck to crewneck.

This one of a kind necklace incorporates the mother-of-pearl that the Philippines is famous for, and it took a master jewelry craftsperson to create this beautiful statement necklace.

The necklace with a series of the same geometric (almost oval shapes) that are increasingly larger towards the front of the necklace. One of the features we appreciated about this necklace was the intent to showcase the mother-of-pearl to the fullest, down to the button clasp. 

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Details: Simple choker statement necklace with button clasp 

Size: Inside diameter from clasp to front: ~ 6" (15.2 cm); width of necklace: 1.5" (4 cm)

Material: Mother-of-pearl 

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