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Malachite prince pendant necklace with chain

Malachite prince pendant necklace with chain

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Fairy tales would have you believe that if you kiss a frog you can find your prince. Why take chances, when you can keep this fellow nice and close? This whimsically designed malachite prince pendant necklace with chain on a brass chain is just too cute.

The body of the frog, err prince is green malachite, and the limbs are intricately woven brass strands, with black onyx making up the eyes. 

This necklace can easily be slipping on over one's head, so works well for those with dexterity challenges. We were only able to acquire three of these unique handcrafted pieces and given the nature of the material no two are the same.

These handmade whimsical pendant necklaces come from one of our newest jewelry designers that has amazing creativity and talent. We are delighted to have the opportunity to share his work with you.

Details: Malachite prince pendant necklace with a matinee length chain

Size: Length of necklace ~ 14.5" (37 cm), length of frog pendant (malachite): ~ 1.25" (3 cm)

Material: Brass, malachite, black onyx (black chalcedony) 


Intrigued by this beautiful green stone. Here is some interesting information including recommendations on how best to care for malachite.

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