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Large gemstone butterfly statement earrings

Large gemstone butterfly statement earrings

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We are so lucky to work with the designers and craftspeople that we do. We always come away inspired. Take these large gemstone butterfly statement earrings, for example. We love the creativity and detail that went into making them. A large brass butterfly suspended from the ear with a gemstone for the body and a complimentary gemstone suspended below the butterfly. 

Each is unique, and we only have a handful in total - one in each color. 

The designer is from a family of artisans (this is truly a family affair) and fell in love with their tremendous talents and creative use of materials, not to mention their beaming smiles. They are a joy to work with and we just love the way they design pieces that showcase the best of nature. 

If you are a fan of butterflies, check out this exquisite butterfly bracelet made by the same jewelry designer. Alternatively, we have these beautiful options: flights of fancy earrings.

If you are concerned about weight, these are on the heavier side.

Details: Large gemstone butterfly statement earrings with hook fastenings for pierced ears.

Size: Length of drop: ~ 4.7" (12 cm), width: ~ 1.25" (3 cm)

Material: Brass, gemstones (depends on color) and crystal beads.

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