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Chainlink horn necklace with stubby square links

Chainlink horn necklace with stubby square links

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Stylish and versatile, this chainlink horn necklace features stubby square links and can be worn with any outfit. The unique shape and size of the links add a modern twist to a traditional design. Perfect for the individualistic woman, it pairs well with everything from turtlenecks and t-shirts.

Given this necklace has no clasps it is easy to wear, and perfect for this with some dexterity challenges.

Details: Chainlink horn necklace with stubby square links in a single, continuous matinee length loop. A nice option as its easy to put on. 

Size: Length of necklace: ~ 25" (63.5 cm); length of individual link: 0.6" (2 cm)

Material: Horn - give this is an organic material color variations, expect color variations. (We provided photos in different artificial and natural light so you can see for yourself).

CARE: Use a cloth to clean and avoid contact with lotions and cosmetics.

If you want to know more about horn and why its a wonderful material for jewelry, this short article is for you.

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