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Colorful handcrafted fabric purse or door ornament

Colorful handcrafted fabric purse or door ornament

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Made of colorful cotton fabric, this hanger is equally add home adding interest to  a room by hanging on a door as a colorful ornament or as an accessory for a purse or bag, or just about anywhere else your imagination takes you. A circular fabric disk with contrasting pom poms at the top and a colorful tassel and more colorful pom poms at the bottom if the disk.

 Details: Hand sewn embroidered disk with colorful tassel and a strap to hang around the door knob, your purse or beach bag - anything you want to enhance with color and personality.

Size: Length of drop (top of cord to bottom of tassel: ~ 14" (35.6 cm), width of disk: ~ 4" (10 cm)

Material: cotton fabric

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