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Beaded gemstone "figure 8" statement ring

Beaded gemstone "figure 8" statement ring

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The gemstone is front and center in this statement ring and highlighted with the addition of seed and wooden beads for visual impact. 

This novel beaded gemstone "figure 8" statement ring showcases the natural beauty of various gemstones. It comes from a super creative husband and wife team that take various gemstones and showcase them in beautiful novel ways. The gemstone and beads seem to pick up and compliment the color of any fabric near them. 

Details: Beaded gemstone "figure 8" statement ring with an open back that allows for adjustment. 

Size: Customizable ring size. Length of front of ring: ~ 1.6" (4 cm)

Material: Rhodochrosite or agate gemstone, seed and wooden beads 

This link offers more information on this special stone, agate.

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