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Floral tiered beaded gemstone pendant necklace

Floral tiered beaded gemstone pendant necklace

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This beaded necklace is made of a mix of citrine and crystal beads with other beads such as seed beads added for interest to a lovely floral design - flowers extending down as part of the pendant. This creative necklace is from a husband and wife team that works with gemstones incorporating beads and other materials into designs in beautiful novel ways. It's handmade. We procured the only piece they had. 

Some complimentary accessories to consider: darting back earrings, intricate delicate filigree stud earrings, delicate chain link pearl bracelet, statement cuff bracelet or the intricate filigree flower earrings

Details: Beaded gemstone pendant statement necklace with a button clasp.

Size: Length of strand (from medallion to clasp) ~ 7" (18 cm); length of pendant: ~ 4" (10 cm)

Material: Citrine, crystal and seed beads 

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