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Earth tone amber pendant necklace

Earth tone amber pendant necklace

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This warm earth tone amber pendant necklace (also has lovely carnelian beads) includes some seed and wood beads intermingled for variety. The pendant is suspended from the necklace with wooden beads. The diversity of the materials that goes into this necklace is part of its appeal. 

This earth tone amber pendant necklace is from a husband and wife team that take gemstones and showcase them in beautiful novel ways often with unique material. A design feature that distinguishes these artists work is that they deliberately make it feel organic removing symmetry in the bead placement along the necklace.

This beaded necklace is handmade, and we were lucky enough to get the only one they had. It is a necklace for an individualist who likes to wear unique pieces as this beauty is the only one.

Details: Earth tone amber pendant necklace with a button clasp.

Size: Length of strand (from medallion to clasp) ~ 12" (30.5 cm); length of medallion: ~ 3.5" (9 cm)

Material: Amber and carnelian gemstones and seed and wood beads 

Interested in learning a bit more information on amber, please check out this article. For more about about carnelian, a beautiful gemstone with so much meaning and history, check out this short article.

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