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Colorful tribal beaded necklace with brass accents

Colorful tribal beaded necklace with brass accents

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We don't know about you, but this necklace says "Fun!" to us. Not to mention, happy with all the bright colors.

Each necklace packs a bold, colorful punch with bright colorful beads with complimentary brass beads and pom poms for added color. Note, we have a few different options, some have the pom poms spread around the necklace. On other necklaces, the craftsperson added the pom poms on the back near the clasp making for a subtler look in the front, but added, unexpected interest if worn with a t-shirt or similar top. They are great layered bother among the options here and with some of your favorite necklaces. 

We have a few different options of these colorful tribal beaded necklaces with different colored pom poms and will add the tag "OTB" to designate which ones have the pom poms on the back of the necklace if that is of interest to you. For the options, the color refers to the pom poms. 

Some other pieces that it works with: double stranded necklace with geometric details, tasseled Thai tribal necklace, tribal swirl pattern chokers, and the colorful double swirl tribal bracelet

Details: Colorful tribal beaded necklace with a lobster clasp in a princess length

Size: Length of necklace fully extended: ~ 24" (61 cm)

Material: Brass, beads, fabric  

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