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Colorful trade beads bracelet with brass accents

Colorful trade beads bracelet with brass accents

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A clasp bracelet that is packed with color from the unique trade beads used in the making of each bracelet. We found a new jewelry designer - no surprise to us that she is the daughter of one of our favorite designing couples, and we look forward to continuing to discover what she creates. She only made about a dozen of these colorful bracelets and we secured a handful of them. 

Each bracelet is unique with its assortment of trade beads. Two of the bracelets have a dragonfly clasp in place of the ball clasp for a wonderful, whimsical affect.

Details: Bracelet with beads alternating with brass accent beads.  

Size: Length of bracelet ~ 6.5" (~ 16.5 cm) does not include clasp, from end-to-end of the bracelet ~ 8"(~ 20 cm)

Material: Trade beads, brass accent beads and hardware

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