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Colorful art deco inspired cuff bracelet

Colorful art deco inspired cuff bracelet

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We're going with simplistic art deco design with the cylindrical elements at the top. This unique cuff bracelet has the appearance of layers with a simple cut stone at the top for color and beauty.

It is a great piece regardless of the season, show it off with a complementary or contrasting outfit in the warmer weather either on its own or paired with other favorite pieces. Add it over a simple turtleneck or peeking out from under the cuff of a crisp white blouse. 

 It is a one-of-a-kind handmade piece from one of our newest designers. One of a kind in that the each stone is different. The designer made a handful of bracelets in this design with three different gemstones which we have here.

Details: Colorful art deco inspired cuff bracelet with no fastening. For individuals that struggle with clasps, its a breeze to put on and take off. 

Size: insider diameter: ~ 2.5" (6.5 cm) 

Material: sodalite (blue) or amethyst (violet/purple), blue apatite (teal) and brass 

Blue apatite is a rare form of blue tourmaline and is called the "stone of manifestation" as it is thought to manifest positive energy. Please note it is a delicate stone, so if possible avoid wearing, or storing where it could bear the brunt of impact. We want it manifesting as much positive energy as possible.

If you want more information on amethyst, this lovely purple gemstone, check out this post.

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