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Cluster of flowers for room incense

Cluster of flowers for room incense

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We found a woman making these beautiful pieces back in a corner of a crowded market in Bangkok. We loved watching her work and especially seeing the results. The fiber comes from a reed like plant that is pounded down to almost paper, and then formed into these bouquet combinations. 

Given that Thailand produces some amazing fragrance products, it is no surprise that these flowers are intended to elevate the decor by replacing reeds in the room fragrance. We are equally content to just show them off on their own. Add one to your room.

Swap out those simple reeds from your favorite room freshener and add some flowers with these beautiful, handmade incense sticks.

 Details: Hand made fiber art intended to replace reeds for room incense

Size: Inside diameter: ~ 12" (30.5 cm)

Material: fiber

Note: No incense comes with these incense sticks.

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