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Cluster of butterflies circular drop statement earrings

Cluster of butterflies circular drop statement earrings

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This is a circular drop statement earrings consist of a cluster of butterflies. Some of the butterflies in the design have their wings curved, as if for flight, for a multi-dimensional effect that is unique. 

We have a handful of these special beauties.

Note: We sold the only silver pair of these earrings we had.

We also have some other butterfly themed jewelry that may intrigue you: butterfly flights of fancy earrings or butterfly jade cuff bracelet.

Details: Circular drop metal statement earrings with hook back suitable for pierced ears.

Size: Length of drop: ~ 2.25" (6 cm), width of widest part: ~1.5" (4cm) 

Material: brass, and if silver in color, silver plated brass

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