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Classically simple brass cuff bracelet

Classically simple brass cuff bracelet

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Experience the beauty of handmade craftsmanship with this classically simple brass cuff bracelet. The bracelet is a single piece of brass with three overlapping bands with a brush metal finish for a unique look. Enjoy a lifetime of elegance with this quality product.

Its a wonderful piece to mix and match with your favorite bracelets to create a personalized look.

NOTE: This bracelet, given its sturdy design it is not flexible and given the relatively narrow opening, it is best suited for those with slender wrists. For those with smaller wrists, you can expect a snugger fit than you may be used to, which is an option we like.

Details: Classically simple brass cuff bracelet

Size: Inside diameter: ~ 2.5 (~ 7 cm); width at opening at back of cuff: ~ 1" (~ 2.54 cm)

Material: Brass

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