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Cheeky monkey fabric door jewelry with bell

Cheeky monkey fabric door jewelry with bell

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We found a fabric genius (is there such a thing, or did we make it up?) in a Bangkok market and were sucked into her stall by all the creative craft options. We were able to get a few of these wonderfully creative door hangers (or jewelry).

Each cheeky monkey hangs from one arm over the door knob (or wherever you determine is the best location). The little fella has a bell for a tail so he is quick to cheerily alert you to a door opening or closing. The eyes and nose are made from small black beads and the rest is hand sown with deliberately mismatched material (gingham and floral) for a delightful artistic effect. 

Cheeky monkey is an expression used to describe someone who is mischievous and playful - we think that description suits this fella to a "T"

 Details: Cheeky monkey fabric door jewelry hand crafted

Size: Length of monkey: ~ 10.5" (27 cm)

Material: cotton fabric, brass

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