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Chalcedony beaded necklace with brass accents

Chalcedony beaded necklace with brass accents

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This pale blue-grey chalcedony beaded necklace complete with brass accent for a visual twist. It works with everything from a t-shirt to a button down white blouse. 

At the front of the necklace is a "U" shaped brass accent, from which the pale blue-grey chalcedony beads continue with a few brass beads added in. The back third of the necklace transitions to brass beads. This is a continuous beaded necklace with no clasp.

Some complimentary accessories: matted drop earrings, intricate delicate filigree earrings and everything in balance earrings

Details: Continuous beaded necklace with no clasp

Size: Length of necklace: ~ 15" (38 cm)

Material: Chalcedony, brass. 

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