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Blue blossom batik earrings

Blue blossom batik earrings

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We found a wonderfully talented textile artist creating beautiful and unique pieces using native Malaysian batik to preserve the patterns by providing new and unique pieces made with these beautiful designs. In this case, a pari of blue blossom batik earrings. The flower design is in a rich blue with a green part of the stem attached. Each is outlined with a gold color for added effect. They are wonderfully unique and this is the only pair we have.   

This bright blue floral earrings is hand crafted and adds some welcome color and design to any outfit. 

NOTE: This batik fabric is hand painted using wax by talented artists in Penang using techniques handed down often within the artist's family. Its an amazing craft that deserves to be preserved. 

Details: Blue blossom batik earrings made of cotton fabric with a colorful printed pattern typical of Malaysian batik. The earrings have a post back suitable for pierced ears. They are lightweight so those with sensitive ears will not have a problem.

Size: Length of blue blossom batik earrings: ~ 1" (2.5 cm)

Material: Cotton fabric

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