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Blue beaded floral organic bracelet

Blue beaded floral organic bracelet

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This blue beaded floral organic bracelet is beautifully unique. The artist only made one. Have of the bracelet consists of a brass piece in the shape of a branch. Attached to it is a metal chain from which blue gemstones of varying sizes in either tear shaped or circles are suspended. Intermixed are delicate floral and dragonfly charms. Wonderfully whimsical and totally unique.   

One of the original artists we discovered created these beautiful statement earrings. He is from a family of talented artists. While we love his talent and the beautiful, creative piece he makes its his beaming smile and obvious joy in what he does that we remember. 

Details: Blue beaded floral organic bracelet with a hook clasp

Size: Length: ~ 2.5" (15.2 cm) at broadest point 

Material: Brass with various gemstones including aquamarine and blue chalcedony

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