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Beaded gemstone choker necklace

Beaded gemstone choker necklace

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Handcrafted beaded gemstone choker necklace. We love the way it quickly dresses up an open collar shirt or adds color to something as basic as a t-shirt. Each necklace is made of brass and the feathered gemstone is woven into the pattern and then a smaller sphere of either the same gemstone or a complimentary one is incorporated into the design. These necklaces are wonderfully flexible so they can be adjusted to perfect how they are worn. 

These handcrafted choker necklaces come from some of the first designers we worked with and we continue to be amazed at their creativity and talent. This artist is a package deal as we are fortunate not only to work with him, but his sisters and mom too. They make our visits a joy.  

Details: Beaded gemstone choker necklace with a clasp at the back. Easy to wear, the necklace is flexible and allows for easy adjustment.

Size: Diameter of necklace ~ 5" (12.7 cm) without any adjustment. The necklace comes with a chain in the back that can add an extra inch.  

Material: Brass, gemstone (refer to specific necklace, the first stone is the larger (featured) gemstone, and the second gemstone is the smaller complimentary stone in the necklace)

For more about about carnelian, a beautiful gemstone with so much meaning and history, check out this short article.


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