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Aventurine beaded necklace with quartz pendant

Aventurine beaded necklace with quartz pendant

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The aventurine beaded necklace with quartz pendant adjusts for a customized look complete with the ray chalcedony medallion suspended from a length of beads. This unique design adapts to a range of looks and styles.

Both aventurine and chalcedony are forms of quartz.

Aventurine has that lovely translucent look which gives it a shimmering effect such that it is termed aventurescence. This stone is known to help in the breaking of unhealthy habits and encourages growth and change.

Chalcedony is also a translucent gemstone that seems to glow from within (it reminds us a bit of moonstone). It is known to sooth self doubt and bring about inner peace. We guess that's why its considered a talisman for public speakers. If you wish to learn more, check out this article from the ICA (International Colored Gem Association). 

Details: Aventurine beaded necklace with quartz pendant has an adjustable leather cord for a personalized fit.

Size: Length of necklace ~ 14.5" (37 cm), widest portion (quartz): ~ 1.25" (3 cm), length of drop portion: ~ 4.75" (11 cm), total length, including drop: ~ 19.25" (47.7 cm)

Material: Aventurine, chalcedony, crystal beads, leather 

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