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Amethyst beaded collar statement necklace

Amethyst beaded collar statement necklace

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This handmade amethyst beaded collar necklace is crafted with this amazing, special purple gemstone. Enjoy the natural beauty of amethyst and show off your style with this exclusive necklace.

Handwoven of amethyst beads, the necklace is essentially a collar with a thin tube of beads that extend to the closure to the back [a signature design element for these artists]. The necklace has a bit of heft as the beads are on both sides, so you know you are wearing something special.

The artists only made one, so this is a truly unique handmade necklace for the woman that deserves something special. 

Details: Amethyst beaded collar statement necklace with hook fastening

Size: Inside length ~ 17" (43 cm)

Material: Amethyst

If you want more information on amethyst, this lovely purple gemstone, check out this post.

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