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Organic green gemstone patterned necklace

Organic green gemstone patterned necklace

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This organic green gemstone patterned necklace offers a unique, one-of-a-kind design featuring jade and malachite beading. Handcrafted with a beautiful dark green hue, this necklace is perfect for standing out at any occasion.

This pendant necklace features jade and malachite beads woven into a stunning organic pattern with seed beads strategically incorporated to add interest and compliment the jade and malachite.

This dramatic necklace is from a husband and wife team that take beads, jade and other gemstones to present them in beautiful, novel ways. It's handmade, and we procured the only one they had. 

Details: Organic green gemstone patterned necklace with button clasp.

Size: Length of necklace: ~ 12" (30.5 cm); length of drop portion: ~ 3.5" (9 cm)

Material: Jade and malachite gemstones with seed beads 

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